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Etymology 1 n. A smooth-coated tablet (gloss: pill, as in medicine) shaped like a capsule, used as a tamper-resistant alternative to a capsule, or an easy-to-swallow alternative to regular tablets. Etymology 2

n. (context finance English) A component of an, a derivative instrument that effectively prevents the interest payments on an otherwise variable-rate loan from exceeding an agreed level (the "cap"). Each "caplet", analysable as a, covers one interest accrual period (such as three months); the whole interest rate cap is made up of a series of consecutive caplets.


Caplet may refer to:

  • A short, half-round fencing cape with a collar, worn over one shoulder. A cord (or expensive chain if the owner was rich), ran from one end of the collar to the other, allowing it to be secured around the man's chest. These short capes were very popular during the Elisabethan Period through Europe.
  • Interest rate caps, usually forming part of a series of caps and/or floors within a derivative contract.
  • Caplet: A smooth, coated, oval-shaped medicinal tablet in the shape of a capsule
  • Caplet (computer security), a kind of applet, used in the CapDesk desktop environment
  • André Caplet (1878–1925), French composer and conductor, early 20th century
  • VG Pocket Caplet, a portable videogame system created by Performance Designed Products and Pelican Products

Usage examples of "caplet".

In a desperate effort to save the firm, Herb had taken a huge position in the EasySlim Corporation, manufacturers of a caplet designed to liquefy body fat, so it could be redistributed from, say, thighs to breasts.

DNA is like a shoelace, Janet, and at each end are little caplets called telomeres.