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Capim is a municipality in the state of Paraíba in the Northeast Region of Brazil.

Usage examples of "capim".

Novinha analyzed all three foods-- macios, capim blades, and merclona leaves-- and the results were surprising.

One herd of cabra and a bunch of capim grass, and then a slightly different riverside ecology, and that's everything.

A light breeze that barely rustled the capim had caught her hair and tossed it lightly.

Perhaps remembering a man who met her here, or somewhere else in the capim, so that unobserved they could love each other.

Finally Mandachuva tore off a blade of capim near the ground, folded it carefully into a thick wad, and put it in his mouth to chew it.

And the piggies were small, small enough to duck down in the capim and disappear completely.

But with each new handhold the pain grew more intense, and he began to care, he began to care very much about the pain, he began to realize that the capim had no anesthetic effect on him at all, but by this time he was already at the top of the fence.

He realized that he was outside, lying in the capim, his head resting on Novinha's lap.

They said nothing, did nothing, but fell into the thick capim, each one leaning or lying on someone else, seeking relief at last in sleep, as the piggies danced away up the hill into the woods.

And then the endless capim, which rubbed its pollen-rich tassels on the bellies of fertile cabra to germinate the next generation of manure-producing animals.

Entwined in the roots and stems of the capim were the tropeqos, long trailing vines that Ela proved had the same genes as the xingadora, the groundnesting bird that used the living plant for its nest, The same sort of pairing continued in the forest: Macio worms that hatched from the seeds of merdona vines and then gave birth to merdona seed.

The carpet of capim and the patches of forest became background music to the symphony of landforms.

Maybe when he saw the acres of capim, he saw within it the descolada virus, malevolently adapting itself to slaughter humankind and all its companion species.

He pulled the car to a stop, then slowed the fan to settle it onto the capim near the building's single door.

All the way home, the car floating over the capim, he was also flying, exhilarated to know that something was possible after all, when till now he had felt nothing but despair.