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CAPI may refer to:

  • Common Application Programmer's Interface, LispWorks Common Lisp GUI toolkit
  • Common ISDN Application Programming Interface, Common ISDN API
  • Computer-assisted personal interviewing, a surveying technique that uses a computer based questionnaire
  • Microsoft Cryptographic Application Programming Interface, an interface to a library of functions software developers can call upon for security and cryptography services
  • IBM Coherent Accelerator Processor Interface for POWER8.
  • Capi (footballer, born 1977), Jesús Capitán Prado, Spanish football midfielder
  • Capi (footballer, born 1979), Jesús Tablado Feito, Spanish football forward
  • Capi (footballer, born 1981), Manuel Borja Calvar Simón, Spanish football defender
  • Cash Assistance Program for Immigrants, a service for immigrants in the US not eligible for Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
Capi (footballer, born 1977)

Jesús Capitán Prada (born 26 March 1977), known as Capi, is a Spanish retired footballer who played as an attacking midfielder.

He played most of his professional career with Betis, which included 209 La Liga games and 16 goals over the course of nine seasons (13 overall).

Capi (footballer, born 1979)

Jesús Tablado Feito (born 26 September 1979 in Mieres, Asturias), known as Capi, is a Spanish retired footballer who played as a forward.

Capi (footballer, born 1981)

Manuel Borja Calvar Simón (born 2 April 1981), known as Capi, is a Spanish footballer who plays for Pontevedra CF as a central defender.

Usage examples of "capi".

But there are also more saunas per capita than anywhere on Earth, including Finland.

Experts point out that federal per capita murder statistics rely on outdated Dade County population figures that exclude thousands of illegal aliens and winter residents.

Iraqi GNP declined in 1989, and per capita income fell to half of what it had been in 1980.

Thus, Kurdistan gets slightly more per capita than the rest of the country.

In the Philippines the work was done at a per capita cost of a little more than ten cents.

Fifteen, twenty, sometimes as high as thirty-five percent unemployment, sixty percent of the people on food stamps, a per capita income of a thousand, maybe even less than, a thousand dollars a year.

The forests of Istria were vital to the shipbuilding in the Arsenal, but they were also a long way from the messengers' capi back in Venice.

Spatchcocked and grilling over the flames, it had more of their attention than the sea-watch their not very impressed capi had ordered them to keep.

Then when Maranzano had tried to establish himself as capo di tutti capi, supreme boss, and Luciano had rebelled, Pugaliese had helped Lucky, and he was one of the younger men sent to Chicago to explain to the ailing Capone why it had been necessary to hit Maranzano.

But his particular worry was that Frank Cataffo had been made Capo di tutti capi and not even Denapole would have dared do such a thing without the concurrence of all the other families from coast to coast.

Ciacioha was angry with Pugaliese anyway and it would serve the son of a bitch right if the commissione and the new Capo di tutti capi sentenced him to death.

The new Capo di tutti capi would not move against Pugaliese until the conspiring Dons were satisfied of the security of their mediator.

Pugaliese wouldn't go, so to force him they appointed Cataffo their Capo di tutti capi, a supreme leader, to command a united thrust against the maverick.

Sala dei Capi, where at this moment sits Giustinian Giustiniani--one of the chosen three of the Council of the Ten--my name is written largely with mine own hand, as artists write their names, _above_ the heads of rulers for all coming time to see!

Furthermore, the per capita income in Baraza was still only sixty dollars a year, and industrialization had hardly begun.