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Though wearing a chest-full of combat medals, Caph felt that his greatest victories had been in the bedroom.

The Observer always found time for a few words with Caph, who was a military gossip.

She spun the globe with her finger, and the generals continued to fume, with the exception of General Caph and a younger officer who was sure he remembered the Observer from years before: They had been attached to an elite team, she as an expert in clandestine operations.

Yes, fine, get on with it, said Caph to himself, and forced his eyelids open.

One of them approached Caph now and started haranguing him with a sound like an arcing electric current.

We must likewise take notice of those common names, by which places are distinguished, such as Kir, Caer, Kiriath, Carta, Air, Col, Cala, Beth, Ai, Ain, Caph, and Cephas.

Passing Teth Caph Sameth frat house, I found myself on the campus proper.