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Usage examples of "capet".

It is very possible that these concerned the removal of Marguerite from Argentan to Paris to bring forth her first born, not in Anjou or Normandy, but in the city of the Capets.

Cardinal Peter of Capua arrived in France about Christmas time in 1197 and, after a brief sojourn in the capital of the Capets, procured a parley of the kings at a place on the Seine between Gaillard and Vernon.

Blanche, in custody of the Archbishop of Bordeaux, was dispatched to John, who entertained her with her escort at Gaillard until the Capets could be satisfied of Plantagenet good faith and affirm their acceptance of the princess that Eleanor had fetched from beyond the Pyrenees.

Had she too, when she had dismounted in the parvis royal by the ancient olive tree and ascended the long flight of hollow stairs leading to the palace of the Capets, felt dismay as she fronted her solemn spouse and as her memory flew back to sunny southern towns and the familiar children of her native palaces?

Lduoard Capet was saying something, and Schey was listening, but his attention was drawn to the two men at the end of the bar near the door.

Capet, who had risen so well within the Airbus Industrie based in part on intelligence that Schey had provided him, had been more than happy to cooperate.

Capets and the Plantagenets that agitated the whole period and culminated in the collapse of the Angevin empire.

The vassal was here more powerful than his liege lord: the situation which had enabled Hugh Capet to depose the Carlovingian princes, seemed to be renewed, and that with much greater advantages on the side of the vassal: and when England was added to so many provinces, the French king had reason to apprehend, from this conjuncture, some great disaster to himself and to his family.

Archbishop is taking seriously what was undoubtedly a fraudulent claim by Hugh Capet intended to cover him with Carolingian legitimacy.

Widow Capet: and the Committee of Public Safety has entrusted me and these citizens to seize such correspondence, and make you answerable for its presence in your house.

To try and save that traitor, Marie Antoinette, the widow of Louis Capet, was just the sort of scheme that would originate in the brain of Paul Déroulède.

Republic those documents would not all have been destroyed, for he would have 'found' one letter addressed to the Widow Capet, which would have proved conclusively that Citizen-Deputy Déroulède was a traitor.