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n. (plural of cape English)


CAPES may refer to:

  • Certificat d'aptitude au professorat de l'enseignement du second degré, a diploma in France
  • Coordenadoria de Aperfeiçoamento de Pessoal de Nível Superior, a major research funding agency in Brazil

Capes may refer to :

  • Capes, a pen-and-paper role-playing game
  • The Capes, an indie rock band from South London
  • Geoff Capes, a British strongman
  • The Capes region, the region between Cape Naturaliste and Cape Leeuwin in Western Australia.

Usage examples of "capes".

Under their capes, they wore simple hides as white as the rest of them.

Gratch to fetch the capes at the top of the steps while he bent to gather up the ones below.

Amid the ranks of men bedecked with gleaming armor and mail, draped with crimson capes, her squat form hunched atop her horse looked as if it peered out from a rag pile.

Where he and his men were better known, a glimpse of their crimson capes was enough to make strong men blanch, and the glint off their polished armor was enough to make an enemy break and run.

Their capes, crimson to announce who they were, billowed out behind as they charged past the swordsmen, lancers, standard-bearers, and finally Brogan.

Soon, the palace would be filled with crimson capes, and only the Blood of the Fold would be seated at the dais.

The beasts wore only simple hide clothes beneath capes that billowed and flapped in the wind, and in each clawed hand they gripped blood-slicked three-bladed knives.

Men wearing crimson capes fought bare armed men Richard had never seen before.

Over the heads of the sea of red capes and polished armor, he could see something green in the distance advancing toward the city.

Even the flaring coral pink and incarnadine satins of the capes glistened with the lubricious tones of intimate feminine flesh and served to underscore the essentially lascivious nature of the frenzy that descended upon the tiered ranks of spectators.

Vikings, as they reached fresh ground, re-named most of the capes and coasts, the rivers and islands and countries of Europe, of North Africa, of Western Asia.

He gave names to rivers, gulfs, capes, and harbours in the new discovery, and sent to Venice draughts of maps on which these were laid down, with a commission for the construction of a mappemonde on which they should be portrayed.

South of the well-known island of Java, and separated by a strait, these mappamundi exhibit an extensive continent, stretching southward, and the north coast of which is dotted with numerous designations of dangerous coasts, capes, rivers, and landing places.

He published a manifesto in justification of his own conduct, complaining that admiral Haddock had received orders to cruise with his squadron between the capes St.

In sailing to Virginia, navigators steer through a strait formed by two points, called the Capes, into the bay of Chesapeak, a large inlet that runs three hundred miles into the country from south to north, covered from the Atlantic Ocean by the eastern side of Maryland, and a small portion of Virginia on the same peninsula.