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n. A small cape worn over the shoulders by women.

Usage examples of "capelet".

The autopark guided the car to a VIP spot by one of the Elegy-style columns flanking the main entrance, and as we stepped out a man in a middle-level business capelet emerged from the wrought-styraline doors.

His black hair was rumpled from pushing back the fur-lined hood attached to a capelet around his shoulders, and dark circles stained the fair skin under his eyes.

Maura slid off the capelet, folded it, and set it onto a plastic sheet.

A hip-length red capelet trimmed with black fur concealed her back, and a short sword swung by her thigh.

Less ragged than the others, she had worn her mail capelet for their flight, although a servant now carried her helmet.

Just out of sight of her house she had removed her mar-ibou capelet and the rhinestoned spaghetti straps her mother had insisted on.

Then he split the seam on the underside so that a small capelet hung from her shoulder, demure but loose and cool.

Now if only he could figure out what to do with the elaborate fall of capelets, the ridiculous rapier, and the ludicrous confection of silk, fur trim, sequins, and feathers which shared some distant ancestor with a Bernithian Highland bonnet.

They logrolled her sideways, and Maura peeled apart the edges of the capelet.

The others saw it, too, and by the time he'd reached them both had their capelets off.

They tended toward an aesthete slimness, with long hair and form-fitting clothing that might have come from the early renaissance, draped with short capelets and cloaks.