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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Capel \Ca"pel\ (k[=a]"p[e^]l), Caple \Ca"ple\ (-p'l), n. [Icel. kapall; cf. L. caballus.] A horse; a nag. [Obs.]


Capel \Ca"pel\ (k[=a]"p[e^]l), n. (Mining) A composite stone (quartz, schorl, and hornblende) in the walls of tin and copper lodes.


Etymology 1 n. a horse Etymology 2

n. (context mining English) A composite stone (quartz, schorl, and hornblende) in the walls of tin and copper lodes.


Capel may refer to:

Capel (given name)

The given nameCapel may refer to:

  • Capel Bond (1730–1790), English organist and composer
  • Capel Lofft (1751–1824), English lawyer, minor political figure and writer
  • Capel Luckyn (1622-680), English politician and Member of Parliament
  • Sir Capel Molyneux, 3rd Baronet (1717-1779), Irish politician

Usage examples of "capel".

If that body was George Capel, it brought this whole mess to a new and dangerous level.

A man of the same description accompanied Capel to the bank the same day.

I had a composite sketch drawn of the man who went with Capel to his house and the bank.

They passed Capel Street bridge and the Inspector saw that the tide on the Liffey was beginning to ebb.

Goran did so, and Capel listened without expression until the boy concluded his tale of black moons and monster warriors on monster horses.

At dawn Capel woke him and they walked to the courtyard stables where a troop of forty lancers were standing beside their mounts.

Death did not frighten Capel, but if no-one escaped there would be no-one to raise the alarm back in Corduin.

He sat on his high-backed chair, leaning forward, his slender arms resting on his knees as Capel gave his report.

Then Capel addressed them, outlining the tragedy that had befallen his captain and most of the men.

One by one the councillors spoke, asking questions of Capel, Goran and Karis.

Forin and the officer Capel were putting them through a series of tests.

Thousands of citizens assembled in the fields to the south of the city while the veteran officer, Capel, in charge of the exodus, tried to assemble the wagons into a convoy.

Leaving his lieutenant in charge of the convoy, Capel made the seven-mile ride to Corduin to report the bizarre events of the day.

For the first time his soul revolted against the dull inelegance of Capel Street.

He stared at the sight of the demure Miss Capel on her knees, with her hair falling in a mane across her eyes.