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a. 1 Wearing a cape or capes. 2 (context rail transport slang English) cancelled

Usage examples of "caped".

Ulicia gasped as two caped forms seemed to appear out of the dark stone.

They jostled and fought amongst themselves, every one blaming another, until one brute found the answer in the form of a crimson shadow of a caped man, indelibly stained on the wall of the eastern apse.

Clive who was standing on the far side of the Miry Ghyll gazing pensively into the pool, saw his image reflected in the pool, his riding boots, his bulky black caped greatcoat, his dark, uncovered hair.

A caped coat, fastened to the throat, hung over the short kilt skirt, and rough gaiters buttoned down over a wonderful little pair of hobnailed boots.

As she felt the pro vocative flicker of his tongue across the puckered rose of her nipples a little moan of surprise and longing es caped her.

Behind him were two other caped and cowled figures, the acolytes known as Voices, a stocky one dressed in red and a tall rangy one wearing blue.

Facing her was a tall slender figure, caped and cowled in black, face hidden by the shadow of its cowl.

The caped iynisi ran lightly to the web across the arena, bowed to the huge spider, and swarmed up the web to the seats above.

She had not noticed that the pike-bearing iynisin were gone until the caped one spoke again.

She caped the bull and he lunged at her, his horns hissed in the air like a swinging cutlas, and he dragged himself towards her, kicking up dust with his giant hooves, and Centaine leaped nimbly aside.

While the older cop went after her, the younger tried to oblige the near-legendary caped crusader.

He had, both as man and boy, been a huge fan of Batman, aka the Caped Crusader he suspected, in fact, that the Batman was one of the reasons he had become a cop (this was a little factoid he hadn't bothered to put on his application).

His favorite Batman accessory had not been the Batpole or the Batarang, not even the Batmobile itself, but the Caped Crusader's utility belt.

I don't care whether he's a civilian or he's the chief or he's the fucking Caped Crusader.

Seeing your first batman can do that to you, the young man had said, and once Pearson had jettisoned his initial image of the Caped Crusader swinging his way between the art-deco spires of Gotham City, he discovered that wasn't a bad term at all.