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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Lime \Lime\, n. [AS. l[=i]m; akin to D. lijm, G. leim, OHG. l[=i]m, Icel. l[=i]m, Sw. lim, Dan. liim, L. limus mud, linere to smear, and E. loam. [root]126. Cf. Loam, Liniment.]

  1. Birdlime.

    Like the lime That foolish birds are caught with.

  2. (Chem.) Oxide of calcium, CaO; the white or gray, caustic substance, usually called quicklime, obtained by calcining limestone or shells, the heat driving off carbon dioxide and leaving lime. It develops great heat when treated with water, forming slaked lime, and is an essential ingredient of cement, plastering, mortar, etc.

    Note: Lime is the principal constituent of limestone, marble, chalk, bones, shells, etc.

    Caustic lime, Calcium hydroxide or slaked lime; also, in a less technical sense, calcium oxide or quicklime.

    Lime burner, one who burns limestone, shells, etc., to make lime.

    Lime pit, a limestone quarry.

    Lime rod, Lime twig, a twig smeared with birdlime; hence, that which catches; a snare.


a. (context medicine English) (initialism of conscious, alert and oriented English) This indicates a patient's mental status as being all three. n. (lb en Ireland) {{initialism of|(w: Central Applications Office)|lang=en}}, the official body tasked with handling applications for students' first year of college.


Cao may refer to:

Cao (state)

The State of Cao was a vassal state in China during the Zhou Dynasty (1046–221 BC). The state was founded sometime in the 11th century BC by Caoshu Zhenduo (d. 1053 BC) (曹叔振鐸), son of King Wen of Zhou and the younger brother of King Wu of Zhou. With its capital at Taoqiu , the State of Cao covered roughly the area of modern-day Dingtao County, Shandong Province. It was located on the flat country of the North China Plain about 50 miles east of the point where the current course of the Yellow River changes from east to north-east. To the northwest was Wey, to the northeast Lu and to the southeast Song.

Cao (Chinese surname)

Cao is the pinyin romanization of the Chinese surname (Cáo). It is listed 26th among the Song-era Hundred Family Surnames.

Cao is romanized as Ts'ao in Wade-Giles, although the apostrophe is often omitted in practice. It is romanized Cho, Tso, and Chaw in Cantonese; Chou, Chô, and Chháu in Min Nan; and Chau, Chow in Teochew].

The Vietnamese surname based on it is now written Tào.

Cao (Vietnamese surname)

Cao is a Vietnamese surname. The name is transliterated as Gao in Chinese and Go in Korean. Unrelated, it is also the Chinese surname Cao which is transliterated as Tào in Vietnamese.

Cao (Portuguese footballer)

Carlos Alberto Correia Fortes (born 20 October 1968 in Praia, Cape Verde), commonly known as Cao, is a Portuguese retired footballer who played as a defensive midfielder.

Usage examples of "cao".

The governors kept their replies short, while Treasury Minister Abascal entoned the antisecession line in which Prime Minister Cao believed so firmly.

Tsecha looked Prime Minister Cao in the face as he tried to discern her meaning.

Communist chief of staff, Nguyen Giap, in the North, near the Chinese frontier where one of his rugged battalions besieged a small French garrison thirty-two miles from Cao Bang.

The fort had been built by the Japanese, then modernized by the French to guard the road between Cao Bang and Bac Kan farther to the South.

Phu and Cao knew the frontier area well but they had never ventured as far as Man-hao.

Phu and Cao received their machine pistols and were leading the way with steady strides.

The map covered the district north of Cao Bang, including Chinese areas as far as the Siang river, thirty kilometers north of Tien-pao.

Tuesday when we crossed the Chinese frontier eighteen kilometers west of the one time Cao Bang-Tien-pao road.

Its banks were steep and covered with thorn thickets, but at least we were safe down there and I knew the ravine would take us to the Cao Bang-Tien-pao road where it ran under a small bridge with the guardhouse, our first objective.

Rudolf Krebirz carrying a bagful of written information on French motorized transports and troop deployments around the Chinese frontier near Cao Bang.

Viet Minh camp south of Cao Bang, an action in which over a hundred terrorists had perished.

The warrant was served upon Evan in his well-guarded hospital suite, with Cao and Ulanova serving as the Greek chorus.

A temple of the Cao Dai religious sect in the same area had been bombed twice this year.

The president rose at noon, breakfasted with cabinet members, lashed out at his critics, shook hands with a Negro, had a steambath, and lunched with Nguyen Cao Dung, the former head of an undisclosed country ostensibly run by the CIA as a nonprofit organization.

Son los descendientes de los atlantes, hundidos una vez más en el turbulento caos de la bestialidad selvática de la que sus antepasados habían logrado salir tan lentamente y con tantas dificultades.