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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Canzonet \Can`zo*net"\, n. [It. canzonetta, dim. of canzone.] (Mus.) A short song, in one or more parts.


n. A short song, now especially one which is light and breezy.

Usage examples of "canzonet".

He was singing an Italian canzonet with much taste and execution, his voice being a very fine tenor, and accompanying himself on a cittern.

It was Mrs Hunter who wrote the words for most of his English canzonets, including the charming "My mother bids me bind my hair.

It is further alleged that under the malign influence of Peleg and several glasses of aguardiente, the Commander lost some what of his decorum, and behaved in a manner unseemly for one in his position, reciting high flown Spanish poetry, and even piping in a thin, high voice, divers madrigals and heathen canzonets of an amorous complexion.

But Rosamond could also sing "Black-eyed Susan" with effect, or Haydn's canzonets, or "Voi, che sapete," or "Batti, batti"--she only wanted to know what her audience liked.

Wherefore, in some measure to compensate the injustice of Fortune, which to those whose strength is least, as we see it to be in the delicate frames of ladies, has been most niggard of support, I, for the succour and diversion of such of them as love (for others may find sufficient solace in the needle and the spindle and the reel), do intend to recount one hundred Novels or Fables or Parables or Stories, as we may please to call them, which were recounted in ten days by an honourable company of seven ladies and three young men in the time of the late mortal pestilence, as also some canzonets sung by the said ladies for their delectation.