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Usage examples of "canus".

Masters and wulfbunde have turned our backs and accepted the judgment of Canus, he said.

Hyr canus hesitated, then gave a little nod of satisfaction and plunged on.

There was a momentary pause, then: "According to the transmission, we're supposed to pick up the Canusian ambassador for on-board Alliance affiliation negotiations with Canus Four.

The clairaudients on Canus Station warned me not to open that sacred box!

From a scattered body of gulls, working slowly against the wind with angled wings, Stephen had picked out what was almost certainly Larus canus, usual enough in the Irish parts of his youth, some of which had been spent in the west, where they nested in quantities on the cliffs and the more lonely strands, but quite rare in these waters, and he was just about to say 'I believe I see a common gull' when Martin asked 'How would you render peripateia?