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Cantù (; Cantü in local Lombard) is a city and comune in the Province of Como, located at the center of the Brianza zone in Lombardy. It is the second largest city in Brianza.

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Cantù (surname)

Cantù or Cantu is a locational surname of Italian origin, but now most widely found in Mexico, which is derived from the city of Cantù in Italy. The name may refer to:

  • Ana Cecilia Cantu (born 1985), Mexican figure skater
  • Carlo Adolfo Cantù (1875–1942), Italian composer
  • Cesare Cantù (1804–1895), Italian historian
  • Egidio Torre Cantú (born 1957), Mexican politician
  • Eloy Cantú Segovia (born 1952), Mexican politician
  • Federico Cantú Garza (1907–1989), Mexican chef
  • Guillermo Cantú (born 1968), Mexican football player
  • Guillermo García Cantú (born 1960), Mexican actor
  • Hector Cantú (born 1961), American writer
  • Homaro Cantu (1976–2015), American chef
  • Jorge Cantú (born 1982), Mexican baseball player
  • Laura Martel Cantú (born 1985), Mexican politician
  • Lionel Cantú (1965– 2002), American sociologist
  • Michele Cantú (born 1988), Mexican figure skater
  • Norma Elia Cantú (born 1947), American writer
  • Norma V. Cantu (born 1954), American lawyer
  • Oscar Cantú (born 1966), American bishop
  • Paty Cantú (born 1983), Mexican singer
  • Rachael Cantu (born 1981), American singer-songwriter
  • Rodolfo Torre Cantú (1964–2010), Mexican politician
  • Rolando Cantu (born 1981), Mexican football player
  • Vidal Cantu (born 1968), Mexican film producer

Usage examples of "cantu".

And somehow nobody, in the past eight months, had gotten together the necessary apparatus to right the machine, so there it lay, like a mammoth turtle in the hot sun, helpless and useless on its back, and Sammy Cantu, for the past eight months, had been siphoning several bucks a week out of the town treasury to pay one-armed Onofre Martinez and his great-grandchildren, Chemo and Chepa Martinez, to wake up before dawn once a week and steal down to the dump and soak the garbage hi kerosene and touch a match to it Of course, nobody ever knew how the dump was set on fire.

Montoya, Sammy Cantu, and the two council members, Bud Gleason and Ricardo P.

But it turned out Chamisaville had arranged for the six volunteers to be scattered into deserving remote areas, and so that's how come Herbie found himself, quite early one summer morning, descending from the Trail-ways bus at Rael's store in Milagro with a guitar in one hand and a suitcase full of books and sneakers and T-shirts and Levi's in the other, and the mayor, Sammy Cantu, who was supposed to meet him, didn't.

The agent pressed open the spring on his clipboard, extracting six issues of the Voice of the People, which he gave to the man on his left, Sammy Cantu, with a nod to pass them around.

There was a short silence as the men glanced over the stories, and then Sammy Cantu vigorously nodded his head.

Nick Rael inadvertently let the cat out of the bag when, somewhat flustered, he called Sammy Cantu to say he'd just seen a car with a chota-looking person in it go by, and was the meeting going to take place earlier than had been prearranged or what?

Sammy Cantu assured him the meeting would take place at the preordained time, maybe the agent had simply arrived early in order to look the town over and get his bearings straight.

The State Environmental Protection Agency had even sent an investigator named Jon Nickerson up once, and Sammy Cantu had sincerely promised to station a cop out at the dump on twenty-four-hour watch for a week in case "teen-age vandals" were to blame for the flames.

And although no cop, vigilante, or even teen-ager with a slingshot ever spent five minutes on guard at the dump, at the end of a week Onofre Martinez dictated a letter to Jon Nickerson from Sammy Cantu, elaborately explaining that unfortunately an around-the-clock vigil had netted no culprits.

He probably ought to speak with Cantu, then, going over the facts so that the mayor would understand this incident was spontaneous, not planned---Pacheco had acted on Ms own.