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n. (plural of cantrev English)

Usage examples of "cantrevs".

As the Hill Cantrevs were famed for their long-fleeced sheep, so the Valley Cantrevs of Ystrad were known far and wide for the finest oats and barley, and Cantrev Cadiffor itself for wheat bright and heavy as gold.

For two more days the party moved northward, sleeping at inns in small cantrevs, until they finally emerged onto the moors south of Corwell.

My lords -" he spoke now directly to Dynnatt, Koart, and Nowll - "we must mobilize the cantrevs for war, spare only those laborers most essential to the tending of the flocks and crops.

The three lords in attendance represented only the leaders of the cantrevs closest to Caer Corwell.

As soon as they adjourned, the king sent out messengers to the farther cantrevs, while Keren went immediately to the stables and prepared to leave.

Able-bodied young men from the many cantrevs of the kingdom arrived at the castle, swelling its garrison to several hundred men-at-arms.

The Ffolk of the cantrevs nonetheless were instructed to keep their weapons handy, and the king's army could swell tenfold in a matter of a few days should the situation demand drastic action.

Nonetheless, the terrain was rugged, and Grunnarch's army would need to level many sturdy rural cantrevs in the course of his advance.

He has ordered the gathering of companies from the cantrevs - we have had reports of a great mustering of northmen.

About fifty of the Ffolk, all refugees from the eastern cantrevs, stood about him in the road, or alongside it.

From the base of the hill to the river, lined up along the ditch, four hundred men and women of the Eastern Cantrevs stood, carrying an assortment of weapons that included pikes, spears, pitchforks, axes, and sharpened stakes.

These cantrevs, along the northern border of the kingdom, had not known the cut of the northmen's steel, but found themselves faced with an enemy every bit as merciless and implacable.

All around, the fighters of the Eastern Cantrevs followed Gavin's occasional shouted commands.

However, the plants gave Gavin and the Ffolk of the Eastern Cantrevs time to form a long line, three ranks deep, in preparation for a savage charge.

Canthus took them quickly from the highlands, through the sparse settlements of the northern cantrevs, closer and closer to his home and his master.