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n. (alternative form of cantref English)

Usage examples of "cantrev".

As the Hill Cantrevs were famed for their long-fleeced sheep, so the Valley Cantrevs of Ystrad were known far and wide for the finest oats and barley, and Cantrev Cadiffor itself for wheat bright and heavy as gold.

He tried then to explain who he was and the purpose of his journey, but the cantrev lord, unheeding, broke in angrily.

The cantrev lord flung open chests of goblets, ornaments, weapons, horse trappings, and many things Taran judged of high value, but in such a muddled heap that he could scarcely tell one from another.

Taran could not gainsay the words of the cantrev lord, for Cornillo shone as if she had been polished and her short, curving horns sparkled in the sun.

But the horseman, brandishing his weapon hilt downward, cried out that he bore tidings from the cantrev lord.

He summoned two horsemen, commanding them to bear a message to the cantrev lords.

Catching sight of his rival, the cantrev lord spurred his mount and galloped frantically to the cottage, flung himself out of the saddle, and with a furious shout raced toward Goryon.

Taran hesitated a moment as he stepped forward and stood facing the cantrev lords.

Taran answered, picking up two handfuls of earth and torn shoots and holding them before the furious, cantrev lords.

Yet he did not foresee how long it would be until he set foot in Cantrev Cadiffor again.

Though armed heavily as warriors, the men wore neither the badge nor colors of any cantrev lord.

The cantrev lord who hires their swords to fight his neighbor soon finds them at his own throat.

Pontswain ruled a large and wealthy cantrev to the southwest of Corwell.

The others, such as Lord Fergus of Kingsbay and Lord Macshea of Cantrev Macsheehan, ruled small fiefdoms which were still recovering from the war.

Perhaps, if we are successful, you will be able to return to the cantrev you were driven out of.