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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Cantrap \Can"trap\, Cantrip \Can"trip\, n. [Cf. Icel. gandar, ODan. & OSw. gan, witchcraft, and E. trap a snare, tramp.] A charm; an incantation; a shell; a trick; adroit mischief.


n. (alternative form of cantrip English)

Usage examples of "cantraip".

She had, I suppose, the largest collection in the country of tales and songs, concerning devils, ghosts, fairies, brownies, witches, warlocks, spunkies, kelpies, elf-candles, dead-lights, wraiths, apparitions, cantraips, giants, enchanted towers, dragons, and other trumpery.

Almost, in the marvel of new tests and cantraips, I forgot the ineffectual conjuration, and I deemed that Avyctes had also forgotten it.