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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Cantel \Can"tel\ (k[a^]n"t'l), n. See Cantle.


n. (alternative form of cantle English)


Cantel or Cantell may refer to

  • Cantel, a municipality in the Quetzaltenango department of Guatemala
  • Cantel AT&T, a former Canadian mobile network operator now known as Rogers Wireless
  • Cantel Medical Corporation, a company which produces and sells medical equipment
  • Cantell School
  • Chris Cantell, American Entrepreneur, best known for his supercomputer work in the 1980s and his recent ventures in advanced telecommunications
  • Kari Cantell, Finnish scientist best known for his work on interferons
  • Saara Cantell, Finnish film director

Usage examples of "cantel".

And there began a strong battle with many great strokes, and so hewed with their swords that the cantels flew in the fields, and much blood they bled both, that all the place there as they fought was overbled with blood, and thus they fought long and rested them, and then they went to the battle again, and so hurtled together like two rams that either fell to the earth.

Anon they arose lightly and drew their swords as eagerly as lions, and put their shields afore them, and smote through the shields, that the cantels fell off both parties.

And therewith Sir Marhaus set his spear against a tree and alighted and tied his horse to a tree, and dressed his shield, and either came unto other eagerly, and smote together with their swords that their shields flew in cantels, and they bruised their helms and their hauberks, and wounded either other.

As Embra and Hawkril both snapped curses, she reeled and fell back over the high cantel at the rear of her saddle.

For nature hath nat taken his bigynnyng Of no partie nor cantel of a thyng, But of a thyng that parfit is and stable, Descendynge so til it be corrumpable.

Thus they traced, and traversed, and hewed on helms and hauberks, and cut away many cantels of their shields, and either wounded other passing sore, so that the hot blood fell freshly upon the earth.

Then they avoided their horses, and flang out noble swords, and hewed away cantels of their shields, and hurtled together with their shields like two boars, and either wounded other passing sore.