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n. 1 (plural of can English) 2 (context slang English) breasts 3 (context informal English) headphones vb. (en-third-person singular of: can)


CANS may refer to:

  • Childhood acute neuropsychiatric symptoms
  • Complaints of the arm, neck, and shoulder

Usage examples of "cans".

And Deda, who loved Babushka more than a woman deserved to be loved by a man, would bow his head, let her vent her feelings, say nothing, but the following month be back carrying more cans of ham.

I think of the Moms, alphabetizing cans of soup in the cabinet over the microwave.

Almost Home cookies, ice cream, a Pepperidge Farm frozen chocolate cake, and four cans of canned chocolate frosting to be eaten with a large spoon.

Pemulis is looking oddly sanguine and confident after a couple minutes futzing with the cans of water, rinsing out the oral cavity and so on.

They have coats and bedrolls for blankets and old twine-handle shopping bags and Glad bags for recyclable cans and bottles.

One or two of the scattered fetal forms have black cans of burnt-out Sterno beside them.

I drew my other leg inside and slid down the smooth glass to the bottom of the sphere, then turned to take the cans of food and other impedimenta from Cavor.

It had been recently occupied, but there was still unopened cans in the kitchen, and still crumpled sheets on the bed.

Have to prove it Christina, get into a case like that you end up like the tar baby, open up all kinds of cans of.

Motel to be followed by the numerous guests into the generous dining area where the bride cut a cake topped by a spun sugar approximation of the towering artifact beyond the glass where their romance had first been kindled amid the passions that had blazed forth here on a darker occasion as the screen revisited the floodlit melee of flying rocks and beer cans, Stars, Bars and Stripes asunder, signs and placards brandished and trampled GOD IS JUDGE aloft and IMPEACH smouldering on the judicial robes of controversy lately put to rest by the conciliatory visit of Senator wait stop it, what are you doing!

Mark twisted the tabs on a couple of hot chocolate cans, and handed her one as it began to steam.

Aft, the pounding engine shone with care and oil, more men using long-nosed cans to squirt oil into joints, others cleaning with swatches of cotton waste, others tending dials and pumps and valves as the engine drove the propeller shaft against the crush of the sea.

Also she bought a kilo of black caviar, and with the few rubles that were left she bought two cans of ham to please her Deda.

They opened up their cans of ham, they toasted marshmallows, they sang Cub Scout songs, and stayed up late, and during the day learned how to survive in the woods and how to make knots.

She wanted to go home instantly and count how many cans of ham they had left.