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The Collaborative International Dictionary

a. 1 Relating to, or from from the ancient city of Canopus in northern Egypt. 2 Relating to a canopy (in a forest)


Usage examples of "canopic".

Naturally, stealing away the canopic jar cast a serious curse upon the family.

Hideous in face and form, he was as gnarled, blackened and evil as the heart that had come to Carlyle Castle in the canopic jar.

Camille, who, at that point, had been rescuing an ancient canopic jar.

My canopic jars had been stored, at my direction, upon a shelf close to the ceiling.

Mariut and its mate Edku all but make an island of Alexandria, surrounding it on the south, whereas the sea encompasses the northern shore, and the Canopic Channel of the Nile is to the east.

She shoved the phone back into her bag and looked up the street that turned into Canopic Way leading to Rosetta or to Highway 1 to Cairo.

Patriarch continued to work, squeezing the blood from the body into the canopic urn.

He held the canopic urn up to his ear, but whatever story was in the blood was so faint that he could not hear it.

So my sons rode out to the Gabiniani camp, which was located beyond the eastern or Canopic Gate of the city.

Egypt than to Alexandria, isolated to the west of the Canopic Nilus, the westernmost arm of the Delta.

Passing through the Canopic Gate scant hours before the mob stormed the palace, they boarded a small barge at the town of Schedia, where the canal from Lake Mareotis behind Alexandria flowed into the Canopic arm of the Nilus Delta.

At the intersection of Canopic and Royal Avenues he invaded the agora, a vast open space surrounded on all four sides by a wide arcade with a dark red back wall, and fronted by blue-painted Doric pillars.

Other temples and large public buildings along Canopic Avenue also interested him, particularly their ceilings, all held up by massive wooden beams.

That will bring you hard against the swamp on the west, while your eastern wall will bisect the road to the ship canal between the lake and the Canopic Nilus.

The Hill of Pan became his lookout, its bottom now a formidable rampart of blocks from the gymnasium, and huge stone walls cut off both sides of Canopic Avenue at its intersection with Royal Avenue.