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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Canonry \Can"on*ry\, n. pl. Canonries. A benefice or prebend in a cathedral or collegiate church; a right to a place in chapter and to a portion of its revenues; the dignity or emoluments of a canon.


n. 1 The office of a canon; a benefice or prebend in a cathedral or collegiate church. 2 Canons considered as a group.

Usage examples of "canonry".

So there is at Rome one courtesan 77 who holds, for himself alone, 22 parishes, 7 priories and 44 canonries besides, -- all by the help of that masterly "gloss," which holds that this is not illegal.

And although we gave no occasion to this wickedness of the popes, and did not understand their false aims and purposes, nevertheless, through this papal trickery and roguery, we have already paid too dearly for our empire, with incalculable bloodshed, with the suppression of our liberty, with the risk of robbery of all our goods, especially the goods of the churches and canonries, and with the suffering of unspeakable deception and insult.

Vincenzio was to receive a canonry up north at Brescia, along with an annual income of sixty scudi—except that he refused the offer.

Messer Antonio intended to make a priest of him, and in time would have inducted him into his canonry and other benefices, and all his instruction was given with this object.

When Guy de Blois went bankrupt, Coucy had proposed Froissart for a canonry of Lille which had so far not materialized.

Peter's-cum-Pumpkin three years ago, and didn't know for the first year whether he could hold that and the minor canonry together.

I was in the service of the prior of Hyde Abbey, a lay clerk, when this mortal sickness came on me, and I took this vow of mine to spend my remaining days in the canonry of Aberdaron.

Again, no one person should be allowed any longer to hold more than one canonry or prebend.