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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Canonicals \Ca*non"ic*als\, n. pl. The dress prescribed by canon[2] to be worn by a clergyman when officiating. Sometimes, any distinctive professional dress.

Full canonicals, the complete costume of an officiating clergyman or ecclesiastic.


n. 1 (plural of canonical English) 2 The dress prescribed by canon to be worn by a clergyman when officiate.

Usage examples of "canonicals".

The mincer now stands before you invested in the full canonicals of his calling.

She spied him from the parlor window one Sunday morning, dressed in full canonicals, making his way through the square to the doors of St.

I had more time I should like to show you all the bodies which are buried in these niches upon the walls, for they are the early popes and bishops of the Church, with their mitres, their croziers, and full canonicals.