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Cann (surname)

Cann is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Adrian Cann, Canadian soccer player
  • Alan Cann (born 1971), Australian rugby league footballer
  • Billy Cann (1882–1958), Australian rugby league footballer
  • David Cann, British actor
  • George Cann, Australian politician
  • George Cann, Australian herpetologist and snakeman
  • Harry Cann, British footballer
  • Howard Cann, American basketball coach
  • Jamie Cann, British politician
  • Kid Cann, American gangster
  • Rebecca L. Cann, geneticist
  • Robert Cann (disambiguation), several people
  • Sally Cann, birth name of the English presenter Sally James (presenter)
  • Warren Cann, Canadian drummer
  • William Cann, birth name of the American actor William Conrad
  • William Derwood Cann, Jr., American military officer and politician

Usage examples of "cann".

From his occasional missteps and slurred speech, it was apparent he had ladled out applejack for himself from the canned heat wagon.

Exeter to refuel and pick up some emergency avgas, canned aviation fuel.

I do a lot of canning and I have plenty of room in my new icebox, so I just keep my birdseed and things like that out there.

As a result the latter gave an order, and in another minute a file of French bluejackets, each with a case of canned lobster on his shoulder, was marching towards the door.

Sample Menu: The Clear Camel Piss Soup with boiled Earth Worms The Filet of Sun-Ripened Sting Ray basted with Eau de Cologne and garnished with nettles The After-Birth Supreme de Boeuf, cooked in drained crank case oil, served with a piquant sauce of rotten egg yolks and crushed bed bugs The Limburger Cheese sugar cured in diabetic orine doused in Canned Heat Flamboyant.

Vive took it in: a botfly nearby, spewing canned warnings about orderly dispersal.

Gardener had been watching this byplay with steady, earth-rooted calm, her hands still busy sorting fresh-picked squash into that which would be sent to the castle kitchens and that which would go to the canning sheds.

He also hired Samuel Canning, a young British engineer who had experience laying cables in the Mediterranean, to supervise the project.

Samuel Canning had fished cables out of deep water before and was determined to try again.

Almost Home cookies, ice cream, a Pepperidge Farm frozen chocolate cake, and four cans of canned chocolate frosting to be eaten with a large spoon.

The kitchen counters were crowded with canned goods, boxes of cereal and crackers, packages of paper napkins, toilet tissue, paper towels, and cleaning products.

I sold it to a company manufacturing canned foods and they used it for an advertisement, but the daimyo saw it in a magazine and I was told not to model anymore.

The canned laughter of TV comedy shows is one variety of faked data of this sort, but there is a great deal more, and much of the fakery is strikingly obvious.

The rest of the store had shelves and tables that sold canned goods and frypans and fishing gear and toilet paper and insect repellent and souvenir mugs shaped like Smokey the Bear.

They gets the company fare of pinto beans and grits and cornmeal and either canned tomatoes or canned peaches.