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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Canis \Ca"nis\ (k[a^]"n[i^]s), n.; pl. Canes (-n[=e]z). [L., a dog.] (Zo["o]l.) A genus of carnivorous mammals, of the family Canid[ae], including the dogs and wolves.

Canis major [L., larger dog], a constellation to the southeast of Orion, containing Sirius or the Dog Star.

Canis minor [L., smaller dog], a constellation to the east of Orion, containing Procyon, a star of the first magnitude.


n. 1 (plural of cane English) 2 The genus (taxlink Arundinaria genus noshow=1), the sole temperate genus of bamboo native to the New World. vb. (en-third-person singular of: cane)

Usage examples of "canes".

Through the window, Susie caught a glimpse of redcurrant bushes in neat rows, and felt a pang of excitement at the shivering forest of bamboo canes sprouting from the dense foliage.

I guessed that a finite number of canes were sold in America from that specific palm, which grows on the coasts of the Malay Peninsula, out of the beaten track.

I found from speaking with sellers of walking sticks that my guess was correct: there were but four or five chief selections of canes available made from Malacca in Baltimore, and likely in Richmond, as well.

Then I emptied one of my trunks and sent the canes with a messenger to the Washington College Hospital, where Poe died, along with a note to Dr.

It explained that a shipment to Richmond had been mixed up with other canes, and kindly requested him to identify the one cane that had been held by Poe and return it here.

You will probably start on crutches, but if you put your full effort into it, you will progress to where you will be able to walk using canes with the braces.

He was determined to be working with canes as soon as he could so he could be out of this place on or before schedule.

Using one of his canes for leverage, he stood and finished pulling on his trousers, maneuvering with one hand until he could button the top fly button with his shirt mostly inside.

Leaning against the bed, Sam closed and latched the carpetbag and walked, using his canes to support himself, down the ward and out to the elevator.

Had it not been for the canes held so tightly in his hand, Sam might have been able to believe he was not handicapped.

Sam gripped the side of the buggy and, using his canes for leverage, lifted himself into it using his newly developed arm and shoulder strength.

Sam reached out his hand and began to twist his body, trying to reach his canes, which had slid down in front of the desk.

He would have to learn how to maneuver himself through strange locales on canes and braces.

He reached for his canes and had just levered himself into a standing position when Soledad appeared in the study doorway, wringing her hands.

Soledad had brought Sam his jacket and Sam laboriously put it on, making the awkward transfer of canes from one hand to the other so he could reach into the sleeves with a free hand.