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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Cane \Cane\ (k[=a]n), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Caned (k[=a]nd); p. pr. & vb. n. Caning.]

  1. To beat with a cane.

  2. To make or furnish with cane or rattan; as, to cane chairs.


Caned \Caned\ (k[=a]nd), a. [Cf. L. canus white.] Filled with white flakes; mothery; -- said vinegar when containing mother. [Prov. Eng.]
--Halliwell. [1913 Webster] ||


Etymology 1 vb. (en-past of: cane) Etymology 2

  1. (context UK dialect English) Filled with white flakes; mothery; said of vinegar when containing mother.

Usage examples of "caned".

On this the chevalier caned him, and the man went to complain to the superintendent, who summoned Ville-Follet to appear before him and explain his conduct.

True, we caned middies as required, but they were considered young gentlemen and ladies, adults by law, but capable of youthful indiscretions that should be chastised.

If he came close enough to touch you with his baton, you were caned after the run.

I signed reports, caned a hapless cadet who'd been caught outside the fence, ordered a cabin made ready for Lieutenant Thorne.

Two cadets caned, the latest biweekly test scores are on your puter, the new simulator's been delayed again.

Once, he'd been caned for fighting with a cadet in an attempt to enforce discipline.

She could only guess how many times Libby had caned Janet--maybe eight times.

Thus, an order of discipline: Libby on top, then Cynthia, then Annemarie, and the lowest, Janet, once publicly caned, Cynthia informs me, merely for proposing that the girls gang up and birch Libby's pretty behind.

Another new girl left the morning after Kevin caned me right over there with everyone counting.

He was always being caned - I think he was caned every day that half-year, except one holiday Monday when he was only ruler'd on both hands - and was always going to write to his uncle about it, and never did.

Creakle then caned Tommy Traddles for being discovered in tears, instead of cheers, on account of Mr.

While Basil caned Vanessa, Auda turned his attention back to Zoe, calmly shafting her while, as she dangled from her outstretched arms, the glittering weights swung from her clamped and swollen nipples.

She caned Daddy to have him stop the harvester and look for me, but there was no answer.

According to regs any middy could be caned, but tradition held there was a dividing line.

I sent Derek to be caned for some impatience I detected in his tone, and ignored the simmering fury he exhibited for days afterward.