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  • Center on Alcohol Marketing and Youth, a research and advocacy organization in the United States
  • Communauté d'agglomération de Mantes-en-Yvelines, an administrative entity in the Yvelines département, near Paris.

Usage examples of "camy".

Then, his eye falling for the first time upon the sleeping Camel, he gave a great bounce and burst into such a roar of laughter that Camy awoke with a startled grunt of surprise.

In spite of his sauciness, there was something so lovable about the little jester that Camy did not mind the embrace nearly as much as he pretended.

At this, Camy, remembering the ill-natured kicks and prods given by his former master, let out such a squeal of defiance that the courtiers tumbled in every direction to get out of his way.

Knocking Samandrans right and left" (he gave a little pantomime of just how this had been done) "I called loudly for Camy, who immediately answered my hail.

Stampedro and Camy had golden tables piled with ripe apples and crisp carrots, and Confido was given a golden bowl of cream and chicken hearts, and never in his proudest days in Samandra had the little dog been so fussed over and petted.

Sir Hokus and Speedy had a whole apartment in the tower, and Camy and Stampedro spent the night in the courtyard, exchanging strange experiences and boasting of their respective masters.

And Camy was as good as his word, for though Stampedro had a long start, never once did they lose sight of his flying heels.

Speedy, turning red as a turkeycock, backed in embarrassment, but the crowd, quickly recognizing the boy who had given the magic dates to the King, boisterously pushed him forward, Camy treading in a dignified manner behind him.

I'm going to take Speedy to the Emerald City and ask Ozma to send him home to America, and then-and then-" Camy tried hard to control himself but finally broke down and wept bitterly.

Camy, Camy, you old son of a sandwich, d'ye think I could get along without you?

These, Your Highness," Camy jerked his head respectfully in the direction of the Kings and Queens, "are the Sovereigns of Corumbia and Corabia and this boy, this excellent, courageous and adventurous American boy, is called Speedy, and in him you see the restorer of two kingdoms and a Prince, and the discoverer of a Princess!

Confido and Camy without a quiver saw their former master vanish away.

Stampedro and Camy were decked out in enormous collars of roses in honor of the bride, and with so many Royalties present it was an affair long talked of and remembered by those lucky enough to be present.