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CAMS can have the following meanings:

  • California Academy of Mathematics and Science, a high school for gifted students located in Carson, California on the campus of the California State University, Dominguez Hills
  • Calexico Mission School
  • Camshafts, which can be found on Internal combustion engines
  • Common name of Spring-loaded camming devices in the United States
  • Cell adhesion molecules
  • Chantiers Aéro-Maritimes de la Seine, a French aircraft manufacturer of the 1920s and 1930s
  • Coalition Against Militarism in Our Schools in the United States
  • Confederation of Australian Motor Sport, the national sporting organisation vested with the authority to conduct motor sport in Australia by the FIA

Usage examples of "cams".

He was well aware that this operation was being viewed on the security cams, could imagine the guards watching with interest and ribald jocularity.

We film the balloon ascension with the cams and show it to all and sundry on the evening news with follow-up coverage on the morning talk shows.

His bodyguards permitted the attention until the star himself reached the door to the restaurant, when the cams, which would have followed him inside, were driven away.

Lord Cams, the Emeritus Kalif, Kusu Lormagen, Artus Romlar, Lotta Alsnor-Romlar, and Kari Frensler were there.

Lord Cams and Colonel Romlar have been asked for brief preliminary proposals, which we will get to in due time.

Artus and Lord Cams had presented their suggestions on strategy, Torens Harnel added his.

But in those Cape Clocks that happen, like the Vrooms' and Zeemanns' to've been made in Holland, 'tis rather Cams upon a separate Wheel, gear'd to the Minute Hand, that cause the striking, so there is never warning.

Lord Cams, before I commit to joining forces with you, I need to know how we would cooperate.

Confederation's technical legerdemain in space had been recorded from a piggyback scout on one of the bulk carriers, a scout ridden by Lord Cams, with a pilot and a cameraman.

When Cams offered us a wilderness world, I realized what we had to do.

Kristal's gray eyes looked at the people at his conference table: Lord Cams, the Emeritus Kalif, Kusu Lormagen, Artus Romlar, Lotta Alsnor-Romlar, and Kari Frensler were there.