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n. (plural of campus English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: campus)

Usage examples of "campuses".

Each of the two armed campuses strove by every means short of actual rioting to extend its hegemony.

The University was a big place: when lecturers spoke of East and West Campuses, or the "Nature of studentdom," they tended to forget the curious colleges in remote corners of the University, which were only beginning to be touched by the Informational Revolution and Applied Research.

His argument (which I assumed was meant simply to bait me) seemed to be that the opposition and tension of extremes -- East and West Campuses, Passage and Failure -- was itself a kind of harmony, and that moderationists like Chancellor Rexford, who regarded themselves as realistic, were actually deluded ("Not that Lucky's really what he pretends to be," he added with a wink: "If he'd let me get near him I'd show you his wild side!

The principal sightings were made just after Campus Riot Two from the Tower Clock fulcrum on our end and a similar reference-point in the Nikolayan Control Room in Founder's Hill, and the main power-cables for East and West Campuses were laid side by side along most of the boundary.

East and West Campuses, he reminded me before I could remind him, were ideologically irreconcilable -- thus the conservative insistence that negotiation between them must be fruitless -- yet the record showed, to his satisfaction at least, that constant negotiation backed by flexible strength and firm leadership had brought New Tammany and Nikolay Colleges closer together in fact, if not in theory.

But I gimped beside him (most of the others were huddled in conferences against the arrival of Classmate X) and insisted he agree that the competition for supremacy between East and West Campuses was essentially a selfish competition, in which New Tammany and Nikolay Colleges each were guilty of seeking advantage over the other in every sphere and extending their hegemonies in the name of self-defense.

On the campuses, I'm usually lucky to find a handful of women who'll stand beside me in the name of equality and justice.

Yet another theory was that Andreas's United States had always been the make-believe world of university campuses, where during the 1940s and 1950s certain American intellectuals retained a romantic fascination with Stalin and Communism.

Well, the Dark Ages returned as public support for higher education gradually was withdrawn from campuses, enrollments began declining, and faculty became increasingly dependent upon student fees.

That principle had been finally established in the riots of eighty-five which followed the law-and-order tyranny of eighty-four, when a choice had been made between the destruction of certain campus strongholds, and possibly the campuses themselves, and surrendering those buildings, and possibly the campuses as well, to the rioters.

Connecticues Carlyle University was one of those medium-sized "prestige" campuses that dot the New England landscape.

The pleas had become a borel It was subtle, but it was therel Everywherel The raising of funds throughout all the campuses continued but there were no cries of panic these days.

It quoted a poll conducted by the National Students Association at twenty-three campuses throughout the country.

When there are no more forced-labor camps and no more campuses surrounded by rings of police carrying rapid-fire submachine guns and wearing gas masks that make them look like great-snouted, huge-eyed root-eaters, some kind of noxious lower animal.