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n. (plural of camp English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: camp)

Usage examples of "camps".

They were eager to hear news of other Camps, and to listen again to stories they knew.

Though the Bride Price is paid in gifts, and some of the gifts are for the couple to start out their life together with, the real value is the status, the high regard, in which a woman is held by her own Camp and by all the other Camps, and the value she bestows on her mate, and her children.

They had been accepted by the Lion Camp recently themselves, after several other Camps had turned them down, only because Nezzie and Talut had argued in their behalf.

The Crane Hearth once had a high status, and there had been people in other Camps who had been willing to sponsor them, but there had always been dissenters, and there could be no dissenters.

Then one after another of the other Camps had turned him down, even with a pregnant, high-status woman.

One of the northern Camps had made a trading expedition a few years before to a western people that were distantly related to the Mamutoi, and the leader had been given the shirt as a token of mutual ties and future friendly relations.

If the Mother had made you ready last fall, I would have talked to Nezzie about arranging a gathering of a few Camps to have a ceremony so you would not go through the winter unprotected, even though it means you would have missed the excitement of the celebration at the Summer Meeting.

We were just returning from the Summer Meeting, several Camps still traveling together when we met them.

The only one who seemed to lack enthusiasm for the gathering of the Camps was Rydag.

Well over a thousand human souls, more than thirty Camps, had gathered together for the Mamutoi Summer Meeting.

As they walked together toward the permanent lodges of Wolf Camp, Ayla noticed a denser concentration of tents and Camps, and many more people milling around between them.

Ayla noticed a cleared area with no household Camps near the dwelling, and realized it must be the place where people gathered.

The Camps that were immediately adjacent to the clearing did not have the look of usual household areas.

The day before the ceremony, the young women who were staying together in one tent -- occasionally there were too many for one tent and two Camps of young women would be established -- would go out as a group.

They were each a Mamut, shaman of their Camps, but he was simply Mamut, his name and calling had become one.