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n. The wood of ''Cinnamomum camphora'', an evergreen tree whose leaves have a smell of camphor when crushed.

Usage examples of "camphorwood".

Laughing, Lorielle went to the camphorwood chest where her undergarments had been put the night before.

The women in the souvenir shops offered bowls and boxes decorated with elaborate cherry- and camphorwood inlay.

She looks at the velvet-draped boxes where they perch, at the clutter of bronze maquettes and camphorwood boxes and onyx eggs on the Queen Anne side tables and the family portraits dragged in from under the rafters and propped against the violently patterned wallpaper.

Olivia and Minnie stepped over it all with good humour as they cooked and polished glass and silverware and dug out the linen from a camphorwood box.

Cleansing my hands each step of the way I set before it incense made from camphorwood and from white sandalwood.

The enormous crimson camphorwood torii, symbol of the Shinto shrine, rose over the heads of the still assembling guests who, according to the final count of RSVPs, were going to number over five hundred.