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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Camphire \Cam"phire\ (k[a^]m"f[imac]r), n. An old spelling of Camphor.


n. the fragrant henna flower (or plant): ''Lawsonia alba''

Usage examples of "camphire".

They contain tannin, and a resinous camphire, which is common to most of the mints affording essential oils.

Up to the present time vessels have been brought to Tralee by a ship canal, but it is now sought to construct a railway running on to a pier, the elbow of which should be formed by Great Camphire Island.

From the remote islands of the Indian Ocean a large provision of camphire had been imported, which is employed with a mixture of wax to illuminate the palaces of the East.

Strangers to the name and properties of that odoriferous gum, the Saracens, mistaking it for salt, mingled the camphire in their bread, and were astonished at the bitterness of the taste.

I realized that Camphire really did know who I was and what I did, and that the official town finder of things wandering around asking people if they knew where something was made as strange a picture as Camphire being rational.

Wu, Milo Chevrolet, Yoshi, Camphire, Weegee, Kathy Hong and Cascade from Chrystoble Street copshop.

But when Camphire began her song he moved suddenly at the edge of my vision, and I heard him draw an unsteady breath.