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n. (plural of camel English)

Usage examples of "camels".

Like most Somalis, we cared for camels and goats and lived on their milk.

Following tradition, my brothers usually took care of the camels, and the girls watched over the smaller animals.

I used little rocks for my goats and bigger rocks for my camels and cattle.

My mother built our house and covered it with mats she wove from long grasses so it could be quickly loaded on our camels when we moved.

Usually camels follow along behind a lead camel who wears a wooden camel bell.

Although she was graceful, like most camels, drool and foam were dripping from her mouth.

Boys work their way up to herding camels, the most prestigious job, by looking after sheep and goats when they are small.

Then the trembling stopped and it started chewing like camels do when they are resting.

In Somalia men must pay a bride price for a virgin and this balding old man leaned on a walking stick and offered several camels for me.

After the camels were loaded, my family would walk all night and most of the next day.

After Siad Barre took power in the early 70s, I remember my Uncle Ahmed came from Galkayo to check on his camels and goats.

Every few days I took the camels to the well along a path my father found for us.

I let the camels go and hoped they would eventually head towards the waterhole.

The constant warfare had claimed most of his camels and he had trouble with his eyes.

My father led the camels and the rest of us followed behind herding the goats.