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''' Cambon ''' is a commune in the Tarn department in southern France.

Cambon (disambiguation)

Cambon can refer to

  • Cambon, a town and commune of the Tarn department of southern France.
  • Cambon-et-Salvergues, a commune in the Hérault department in southern France.
  • Cambon-lès-Lavaur is a village and commune in the Tarn département of France.
  • Pierre-Joseph Cambon (1756–1820), a French statesman.
  • Charles-Antoine Cambon (1802-1875), a French scenographer
  • Paul Cambon (1843–1924), a French diplomat and brother to Jules Martin Cambon
  • Jules Cambon (1845–1935), a French diplomat.
  • Carlos García Cambón (1949–) is a former Argentine footballer currently working as a manager.
  • Edgardo Cambón,(1960–) the lead singer and conga drummer of Candela a San Francisco-based nine piece salsa music and Latin jazz band
  • Cédric Cambon (1986–), a French footballer who, as of 2007, is playing for Bulgarian side PFC Litex Lovech