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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Camass \Cam"ass\, n. [American Indian name.] (Bot.) any of several plants of the genus Camassia of North and South America, especially the blue-flowered liliaceous plant ( Camassia esculenta) of northwestern America, the bulbs of which were collected for food by the Indians. [Written also camas, cammas, and quamash.]

Syn: camass, quamash, camosh, camash.

Note: The Eastern cammass is Camassia Fraseri.


Camass \Cam"ass\ n. [Origin uncert.] A small prairie in a forest; a small grassy plain among hills. [Western U. S.]


n. any of several plants of the genus Camassia; North and South America [syn: camas, quamash, camosh, camash]

Usage examples of "camass".

The prairie ran out tongues of raw colors — blue of camass, red of geranium, yellow of parsley — at the young green grass.

The fields were starred with violet camass, blue-flag and golden mariposa lily, and still dotted with a thinned-out scattering of huge oaks that gave the whole valley the look of a great park.