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n. (plural of calypso English)

Usage examples of "calypsos".

Every one of the Calypsos would be listening for the crackling of the rocket as they watched the advancing Saracens.

As far as he could see the Calypsos were in three groups, led by Kenton, Martin and Hill, and the Marines making a fourth group with Rennick.

The Calypsos were too spread out to take advantage of their training: they needed to be concentrated so they could make an organized attack.

She could not open fire with her guns because she would kill more Calypsos than Saracens.

The moment they turned to look at the frigate the Calypsos redoubled their efforts, slashing at the Arabs in a desperate attempt to take advantage of their momentary preoccupation.

Hill and Rennick heard him and stopped their sections, and then the rest of the Calypsos, realizing that some of their comrades had stopped, halted and looked back.

The rest of the carronade's crew had vanished - fled aft, presumably, when they saw the Calypsos coming over the bow.

No one at the finest hotel in London could taste such beef - but two hundred Calypsos had just gorged themselves on it.

In an hour's time, when the small hand of the watch had moved a twelfth of the way round the dial, the whole thing should be over, one way or the other: either the rebels and Frenchmen would control the island (in which case they'd hang the Governor and most of the Calypsos would be dead) or the bodies of the rebels and Frenchmen would be piled up at the top of the slope, and waggish seamen would refer to the Battle of Sint Kruis Baai.

Or course, from the very first the men on the hill had not known the fate of their comrades once they had run down the hill and plunged through the smoke: they would hear the firing but the clouds of rolling smoke prevented them seeing how the musketry from the Calypsos was cutting them down like corn before a reaper's scythe.

Wounded Calypsos - that was his great fear any man wounded had to be left behind: he had given strict orders about that Seventy - five yards.

He was conscious of a dim, yellow glow from the Calypso's quarterdeck where lanterns still guttered in the light breeze, and he could see the Jocasta's main deck packed with men fighting in isolated groups, a dozen Calypsos against a dozen Spaniards.

He kicked a coil of rope and staggered a few paces as he recovered his balance, but in that instant a dozen screaming Calypsos had passed him and began hacking and slashing at the Spaniards.

Instead the Calypsos were within minutes of the time for duplicity and perhaps death.

Of course one does see that if they sing calypsos all night in the no doubt ghastly tenements he exorbitantly lets to them and if they roar insults and improper suggestions at non-black teenagers, it doesn't send up the tone.