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The CALYM Carnot Institute (The Consortium or the Acceleration and its Transfer in the LYMphoma Field) is an academic research consortium focusing in lymphoma treatments and diagnostics spanning from new target identification to large international Phase III clinical trials and beyond. CALYM brings together 15 entities with complementary expertise in preclinical, translational and clinical lymphoma research: the Lymphoma Study Association (LYSA), the Lymphoma Academic Research Organisation (LYSARC), and 13 public preclinical research teams in lymphoma based at universities and hospitals across France. The consortium aims at accelerating innovation and its transfer in the lymphoma field, particularly in the translational phase and in the areas of therapeutic, diagnostic and imaging.

The steering committee of CALYM consortium is led by Gilles Salles, and the Executive Director is Pascal Deschaseaux.

Carnot Institute is a label of excellence awarded by the French Ministry of Research to public-parapublic research institutes with a strong track record of partnering research.