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Calum, originally a Scottish name, may also refer to:

  • Calum Angus (born 1986), English footballer
  • Calum Best (born 1981), British/American former fashion model turned celebrity
  • Calum Bett (born 1981), Icelandic football player
  • Calum Brady (born 1989), Scottish footballer
  • Calum Butcher (born 1991), English footballer
  • Calum Chambers (born 1995), English Footballer
  • Calum Clark (born 1989), professional rugby union player
  • Calum Davenport (born 1983), English footballer
  • Calum Elliot (born 1987), Scottish professional footballer
  • Calum Forrester, professional Scottish rugby player
  • Calum Giles (born 1972), former Great Britain olympic field hockey player
  • Calum Harvie, UK based music writer specialising in metal and extreme music
  • Calum Hood (born 1996), member of Australian pop rock band 5 Seconds of Summer
  • Calum Kennedy (1928–2006), Scottish singer
  • Calum Lewis (born 1996), former radio host at Fresh FM
  • Calum MacDonald (politician) (born 1956), Labour Member of Parliament for the Western Isles from 1987 to 2005
  • Calum MacKay (1927–2001), former Canadian ice hockey player
  • Calum Maclean (1915–1960), Scottish folklorist, collector, ethnographer and author
  • Calum MacLeod (cricketer) (born 1988), Scotland professional cricketer
  • Calum MacLeod (of Raasay), crofter who built Calum's Road on the Island of Raasay, Scotland
  • Calum MacLeod (producer), the co-host, writer, creator and creative producer of the Canadian TV series Road Hockey Rumble
  • Calum MacPherson (born 1964), British character actor
  • Calum MacRae (born 1980), Scottish rugby union player
  • Calum Malcolm, Scottish record producer, sound engineer and keyboardist
  • Calum Murray (born 1967), Scottish football referee
  • Calum O'Connell (born 1990), Australian football (soccer) player
  • Calum Reidford (born 1987), Scottish professional football goalkeeper
  • Calum Scott (born 1988), English singer and songwriter
  • Calum Stewart (born 1982), Scottish player of uilleann pipes and irish flute
  • Calum Waddell, British writer and film critic
  • Calum Willock (born 1981), English-born Saint Kittitian and Nevisian footballer
  • Calum Woods (born 1987), English footballer
  • Calum Worthy (born 1991), Canadian actor