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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Calpe \Calpe\ n. the Rock of Gibraltar, a limestone promontory at the southern tip of Spain; associated with Britain.

Syn: Gibraltar, Rock of Gibraltar.

Calpe (Bithynia)

Calpe (κάλπη, Kalpē in Greek) also known "Kerpe" (Kerpe Limanı) is a location in Asia Minor, on the shore of the Black Sea, that was mentioned in Xenophon's Anabasis.

A river of Bithynia, the Chalpas of Strabo. It lies between the Psilis, from which it is 210 stadia distant, and the Sangarius. There was also a port called the port of Calpe. Xenophon (Anab. vi. 4), who passed through the place on his retreat with the Ten Thousand, describes it as about half way between Byzantium and Heracleia: it is a promontory, and the part which projects into the sea is an abrupt precipice. The neck which connects the promontory with the mainland is only wide. The port is under the rock to the west, and has a beach; and close to the sea there is a source of fresh water. The place is minutely described by Xenophon, and is easily identified on the maps, in some of which the port is marked Kirpe Liman (Kerpe Limanı). Apollonius ( Arg. il. 661) calls the river Calpe "deep flowing".

Calpe (disambiguation)

Calpe is the Spanish name for Calp, a coastal town in Valencia, Spain. It may also refer to:

  • Calpe (monolith), also known as the Rock of Gibraltar or Mons Calpe, a monolithic limestone promontory located in Gibraltar. It was one of the Pillars of Hercules.
  • Gibraltar: Calpe is an ancient name for Gibraltar, taken from the promontory. It still appears in names, and in the motto "Montis Insignia Calpe", traditionally placed on the coat of arms of Gibraltar
  • Royal Calpe Hunt, formerly Civil Hunt, Civil Calpe Hunt and Calpe Hunt, a fox-hunting club based in Gibraltar, which existed during the 19th and 20th centuries
  • Calpe (Bithynia), a location in Thrace in Asia Minor
  • HMS Calpe, the name of two ships of the Royal Navy
  • Espasa Calpe, a Spanish book publisher
  • Calpe Treitschke, 1825, a moth genus synonymous with Calyptra

Usage examples of "calpe".

Some time later he came back to the shattered rail, and staring out at the little fleet of boats that were pulling with all their might from Gibraltar and from the sloop Calpe towards the Hannibal, he said to Jack, 'You do not suppose they mean to retake the ship, do you?

In the Royal Navy the reversed ensign was an emphatic signal of distress: the Calpe and the people in Gibraltar, seeing it, had supposed the Hannibal meant she was afloat again and was begging to be towed off.

Heneage Dundas of the fast-sailing sloop Calpe was an amiable young man, much caressed by those who knew him for his shining parts and particularly for his skill in the mathematics.

He went on to congratulate me on my wisdom, extolled the advantages of Calpe as a home port, and , forecast a good profit for all concerned.

And quickly they sighted and sailed past his shrine and the broad banks of the river and the plain, and deep-flowing Calpe, and all the windless night and the day they bent to their tireless oars.

After traversing various countries, Hercules reached at length the frontiers of Libya and Europe, where he raised the two mountains of Calpe and Abyla, as monuments of his progress, or according to another account rent one mountain into two and left half on each side, forming the Straits of Gibraltar, the two mountains being called the Pillars of Hercules.