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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Calmy \Calm"y\, a. [Fr. Calm, n.] Tranquil; peaceful; calm. [Poet.] ``A still and calmy day''


a. (context poetic English) tranquil; calm

Usage examples of "calmy".

And now they nigh approched to the sted,Where as those Mermayds dwelt: it was a stillAnd calmy bay, on th'one side shelteredWith the brode shadow of an hoarie hill,On th'other side an high rocke toured still,That twixt them both a pleasaunt port they made,And did like an halfe Theatre fulfill:There those fiue sisters had continuall trade,And vsd to bath themselues in that deceiptfull shade.

It seems wonderful to me, not so much because it was done as because it was done by the man who, some time ago, calmy announced to me that he was going to do it.