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calms down

vb. (en-third-person singularcalm down)

Usage examples of "calms down".

Price calms down, continues to stare out the cab's dirty window, probably at the word FEAR sprayed in red graffiti on the side of a McDonald's on Fourth and Seventh.

She takes several deep gulps, calms down, and then looks across the ferns and moss at me, a sixteen-year-old dead boy.

Most sword boats have lost them at one point or another, and there's not much that can be done about it until the weather calms down.

Will the men be sensible about this, until Gonzalez calms down at least?

The experience, however, is never easy, unless, of course, it eventually calms down and leads to a more unselfish love.

It calms down after Dagde Vroi, usually, although the ones you do get then are longer.