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a. (obsolete spelling of calm English)

Usage examples of "calme".

Thus fenc't, and as they thought, thir shame in part Coverd, but not at rest or ease of Mind, They sate them down to weep, nor onely Teares Raind at thir Eyes, but high Winds worse within Began to rise, high Passions, Anger, Hate, Mistrust, Suspicion, Discord, and shook sore Thir inward State of Mind, calme Region once And full of Peace, now tost and turbulent: For Understanding rul'd not, and the Will Heard not her lore, both in subjection now To sensual Appetite, who from beneathe Usurping over sovran Reason claimd Superior sway: From thus distemperd brest, ADAM, estrang'd in look and alterd stile, Speech intermitted thus to EVE renewd.

Long time they thus together traueiled,Till weary of their way, they came at last,Where grew two goodly trees, that faire did spredTheir armes abroad, with gray mosse ouercast,And their greene leaues trembling with euery blast,Made a calme shadow far in compasse round:The fearefull Shepheard often there aghastVnder them neuer sat, ne wont there soundHis mery oaten pipe, but shund th'vnlucky ground.

Thus God the Heav'n created, thus the Earth, Matter unform'd and void: Darkness profound Cover'd th' Abyss: but on the watrie calme His brooding wings the Spirit of God outspred, And vital vertue infus'd, and vital warmth Throughout the fluid Mass, but downward purg'd The black tartareous cold infernal dregs Adverse to life: then founded, then conglob'd Like things to like, the rest to several place Disparted, and between spun out the Air, And Earth self-ballanc't on her Center hung.

With her, who so will raging Furor tame,Must first begin, and well her amenage:First her restraine from her reprochfull blame,And euill meanes, with which she doth enrageHer franticke sonne, and kindles his courage,Then when she is withdrawen, or strong withstood,It's eath his idle furie to asswage,And calme the tempest of his passion wood.