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Callen may refer to:

  • Bryan Callen (b. 1967) American actor on MADtv.
  • Herbert Callen (1919—1993), American physicist and textbook author
  • Ian Callen (b. 1955), former Australian cricketer
  • Maude E. Callen rural nurse and midwife who won many awards
  • Michael Callen musician and AIDS activist
  • Sylvia Callen, Chicago communist from the 1930s
  • The Callen Sisters, Jessa and Beth, folk-rock duo
  • G. Callen, The lead character on NCIS: Los Angeles portrayed by Chris O'Donnell
Given name:
  • Cal Tjader, full name Callen Tjader, Latin jazz musician
  • Callen, Landes, France
  • Callan, County Kilkenny, Ireland; also spelled Callen

Usage examples of "callen".

Several noblemen captured at the Battle of Callen had been placed in iron cages on the castle walls, and left to die of cold and starvation.

He was responsible for the sacking of Callen Castle and the murder of the nuns and priests at the monastery there.

A softe pace he went over the street Unto a smith, men callen Dan* Gerveis, *master That in his forge smithed plough-harness.

Horses and men were killed by the prodigious hailstones, tents were torn up by the wind, the baggage train was dragged through mud and floods, and scores died of the fearful cold, “wherefor unto thys day manye men callen it Black Monday.

That oon of hem gan callen to his knave, "Go bet," quod he, "and axe redily What cors is this, that passeth heer forby, And looke, that thou reporte his name weel.