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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Calle \Calle\, n. [See Caul.] A kind of head covering; a caul. [Obs.]


Calle means " street" in Spanish and Venetian.

Calle may also refer to:

Usage examples of "calle".

I would rather that it took place in the Calle de la Ciudad, or around the Casa del Ayuntamiento, where your Majesty is expected to sleep to-night.

Banco de Bilbao was on the ground floor of a nine-story apartment building on the Calle de Cervantes at the Plaza de Circular.

We were on Calle 44, near La Perfidiosa, the blacklight inferno dancehall where I hung when I was fourteen, looking for tourists to rob.

Jorge had observed military activity on the Cabo de la Calavera, and had approached the sentries on the gate, who were dressed in the uniforms of the First Zaragoza Regiment, to offer them the services of certain Basque women he maintained in the Calle Brujo in Bilbao.

Calle Coplin was talking with some young men from the farms, giggling and twisting her skirts.

He was not supposed to know she had chased Calle Coplin half a mile with a stick, as if he would ever look twice at another woman when he had her.

He never realized Calle Coplin had taken service in the manor because she hoped to do more for Lord Perrin than make his bed.

Vio cosas imposibles de describir, como las calles alumbradas a gas y como la ballena que muere cuando escucha el grito del hombre.

Mayer colony, Erno lived in the Hotel Gijon, on Calle Viernes, in a two-by-three-meter room barely high enough for him to stand up in.

Zarlenga, previo decomiso de la valija, lo iba a echar desnudo a la calle por no poder abonar la cuota de la cama.

Advent, under the Auspices of the Local School-teachers and their Pupils The Plaza of San German on Market-day Lower Quarter of Mayaguez A Mid-section of the Calle Mendez-Vigo, Mayaguez Positions occupied by Spanish Soldiers in the Skirmish at Hormigueros Railroad from Mayaguez to Aguadilla The Theatre, Mayaguez Custom-house at Mayaguez occupied by General Schwan as Brigade Headquarters Road from Mayaguez to Anasco Lower End of the Calle de Mendez-Vigo, Mayaguez Guenar Bridge, Mayaguez Upper End of the Calle Mendez-Vigo, Mayaguez The Town of Sabana Grande Witch River, near Cabo Rojo American Camp at Mayaguez Plaza Mercado, Mayaguez Mouth of the Mayaguez River A Bit of Yauco Wooden Dock at Mayaguez.

Morell estuvo escondido ese tiempo en una casa antigua, de patios con enredaderas y estatuas, de la calle Toulouse.

He was anxious to get back to the garden of the great house in the Calle Mayor before the cool of evening came to drive Estella indoors.

Down on Calle Embarcadero, Don Esteban drew up his guards and gentlemen in ranks and waited patiently, trying to ignore heat and sweat and insects while the four huge, elegant, high-masted galleons slowly maneuvered themselves about the cramped harbor in search of anchorages that suited their masters.

Artes, de la calle del Temple, de la calle Buen Orden, de la calle de la Piedad, de las dos calles Largas, de la plaza del Parque y de los Portones.