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call signs

n. (plural of call sign English)

Call Signs

Call Signs is the third studio album by Melbourne electronica band Black Cab, released in 2009.

The album evokes the atmosphere of the former totalitarian state of East Germany, set to a soundtrack of post-punk and atmospheric electronics. In an interview, the band explained the album's sound was inspired by a rare Black Cab tour of Europe in May 2007. Travelling through the former East Germany in a van, vocalist Andrew Coates and guitarist James Lee were struck by the decrepit villages and rundown cities. At the same time they were reading Stasiland, Anna Funder's 2004 book about the vast state security apparatus that entangled millions of East Germans. Coates explained: "Stasiland really captured the mentality of living at a time when around 50 percent of East Germans contributed intelligence information, often about their neighbours. There was so much distrust and paranoia and it really interested us."

The album featured Died Pretty vocalist Ron Peno on one track, "Ghost Anthems".

The album was given a favorable reception in reviews, described as "a standout album of mood and moment" and "a powerful work of post-punk atmospherics". It featured in the list of the year's best albums by both the Melbourne Sunday Herald Sun and Sydney Morning Herald.

Usage examples of "call signs".

Ask them to send their call signs five minutes every hour on the hour.

The cadets in his class who were going on to flight training had already been thinking of fighter call signs, picking theirs out even though they knew some of them would wash out of flight training, and an even greater number would never make it to fighters.

At another point, guerrillas were able to lure American helicopters into a trap by breaking into their frequencies, using correct call signs, and then directing the choppers to a landing spot where they were ambushed.

Frantically, he poured through his COI, the code book that gave the call signs for every unit in his army and the gringos fighting in support of it.

I simply searched Rohan's routine reports from their marker buoys and matched the call signs against the message we stole from Ciety.

Oberleutnant Neumann will give section leaders the necessary call signs.