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Calixte is a given name. The origin of the name is Greek, meaning "most beautiful or lovely", or in Latin: "chalice". Variants: Callixte (gender-neutral), Calliste (male), Calista, Callista (female). People with the name include:

  • Calixte Dakpogan, a Beninese sculptor
  • Calixte Duguay, a multi-disciplinarian Canadian artist
  • Joseph Arthur Calixte Éthier, a Canadian politician
  • Calixte Paquet dit Lavallée, composer of O Canada, the national anthem of Canada
  • Pierre-Calixte Neault, a politician in Quebec, Canada and a two-term Member of the Legislative Assembly of Quebec
  • Calixte Savoie, a Canadian businessman, school principal, teacher, and politician
  • Pope Calixte the First (155-217-222)
  • Pope Calixte the Second (1050-1119-1124)
  • Pope Calixte the Third (1378-1455-1458)

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