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Calis may refer to:

  • Calis, West Virginia
  • Natasha Calis, Canadian actress
  • Center for Active Learning in International Studies (CALIS), a K-12 outreach program sponsored by the University of Southern California
  • Calis, also known as Arnis, is the national sport and martial art of the Philippines

Usage examples of "calis".

For the first three days after meeting Calis, Erik and the other five prisoners were put through intensive weapons training as well as at least two hours of riding each day.

Five days after Calis had inspected them, training in the camp changed.

FEIST Calis was silent a moment, then said, 'I know as much about the Lifestone as any living, Miranda, save those who saw it at Sethanon.

I don't know why we were saved from the gallows, and I don't know what we might be to these people if we continue to live, but I have no doubt of this: if Calis thinks we're dangerous to his plans, he'll hang us all before he breaks camp in nine days.

They reached the building as the door opened and Calis and de Loungville emerged.

I was talking to Calis about hanging you all this morning, but we couldn't take the time.

Erik said, 'Ah, I was just 'Stay,' said Calis, coming to the rail next to Erik.

FEIST I SHADOW OF A DARK QUEEN 249 Calis said, 'Start calling me Captain, Erik.

While Jadow regaled the others with tales of women he had known and battles he had single-handedly won, Erik lay half listening, half wondering just what Calis had meant.

Word of their destination had circulated through the crew, though Erik had told no one what Calis had told SHADOW OF A DARK QUEEN 25I him.

Nakor, carrying a travel bag slung over his shoulder, was waiting with Calis when Robert de Loungville called Erik and the others out of their room.

FEIST Nakor kept up a nearly nonstop narrative of some of the things he had been involved in since the last time Calis and de Loungville had visited.

From what Erik overheard, it sounded as if Nakor and Calis had known each other for a very long time.

Erik remembered Nakor's having said something the night before about a visit somewhere with Calis twenty-four years earlier, which hardly seemed possible to Erik, as Calis didn't look much older than twenty-four.

Then Erik remembered what Nakor said about 'his race,' meaning Calis's, and then the other remarks made in camp about Calis not being human.