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Calio, ND -- U.S. city in North Dakota
Population (2000): 24
Housing Units (2000): 17
Land area (2000): 8.182839 sq. miles (21.193455 sq. km)
Water area (2000): 0.735557 sq. miles (1.905085 sq. km)
Total area (2000): 8.918396 sq. miles (23.098540 sq. km)
FIPS code: 11580
Located within: North Dakota (ND), FIPS 38
Location: 48.630100 N, 98.934967 W
ZIP Codes (1990): 58352
Note: some ZIP codes may be omitted esp. for suburbs.
Calio, ND

Usage examples of "calio".

Among those attending was White House legislative affairs director Nick Calio, a well-dressed, slightly graying 49-year-old lawyer and lobbyist whose serious face belies a cheery good salesman.

Word quickly got back to Calio that it had not gone well, and that Senate Republican Leader Trent Lott was not happy.

Ciccone, a young lawyer who covered the Senate for Calio, reported on Rumsfeld’s one-and-a-half-hour briefing.

Over several hours that afternoon and evening, Bush and Calio sorted out a final compromise on language.