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See calix

Usage examples of "calices".

There on the wall shelves, where a few weeks ago there had been only eight calices, were now nearly fifty of the sculptures.

They have decided to test this by bringing calices here from other artisan colonies.

Three hundred calices, suddenly and conveniently moved here to a minor border world.

Besides, it occurred to me that if Devaro proved the calices were weapons, this would likely be my last trip back here.

I selected my three calices, wearing gloves while handling them as Devaro had instructed, and in a flurry of good-byes and farewell hugs I left Quibsh.

One thing I was sure of, though: the calices did indeed seem to behave exactly as he had said they did.

Jenny sang about the house, lingered in her garden to touch the papery calices of her daffodils and bought a new nightdress to take off for Philip when he got back from his trip.