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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Cali \Ca"li\, n. (Hindoo Myth.) The tenth avatar or incarnation of the god Vishnu. [Written also Kali.]


Calì, also written in English as Cali, is an Italian surname, widespread mainly in the Ionian side of Sicily. For the surname Calì is assumed the origin of the Greek word kalos (beautiful), or from its Sanskrit root kali, "time."

Notable people with the surname include:

  • Carmen Cali (born 1978), American baseball player
  • Francesco Calì (1882 - 1949), Italian footballer, first captain of the Italian national team
  • Frank Cali, Italian mobster
  • Gaetano Emanuel Calì, (1885 - 1936), Italian composer and orchestra conductor
  • Giulio Calì (death 1967), Italian actor
  • Giuseppe Calì (1846 – 1930), Maltese painter
  • Giuseppe Calì (golfer) (born 1952), Italian golfer
  • John J. Cali (1918 - 2014), American real estate developer
  • Joseph Cali (born 1950), American actor
  • Jua Cali (born 1979), Kenyan musician
Cali (disambiguation)

Cali, or Santiago de Cali, is the capital of the Valle del Cauca department in Colombia.

Cali may also refer to:

  • Cali (singer), real name Bruno Caliciuria, French singer
  • Cali Timmins (born 1963), Canadian actress
  • Calì, an Italian surname (and list of people with the name)
  • Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction, a nonprofit US law school consortium
  • Cali & El Dandee, a Colombian pop duo consisting of Alejandro Rengifo (Cali) and Mauricio Rengifo (Dandee)
  • A short form of California, a US state
Cali (singer)

Bruno Caliciuri, better known as Cali, is a French singer-songwriter.

Usage examples of "cali".

His slightly curled mouth had more of a grimace than a smile, but Cali found it appealing.

He was shorter than Cali, his shoulders broad, his chest wide and narrowing into a slight potbelly just above his belt.

Gun-shy, Cali swallowed any attraction and stuffed it deep within her.

Pete wondered obliquely if Cali had been chosen for this assignment precisely because she was female and therefore a potential role model for local village women.

He felt like he was in the middle of a field of land mines at the moment, and Cali was one of them: lethal, explosive and dangerous.

The trailer was pleasantly warm, and he moved aside to allow Cali to enter.

That meant Cali had brought up gasoline generators to supply power for the complex.

Never having met a woman quite like Cali, Pete thought his response was precisely because of that: how refreshing she was.

Still, as he puttered around his new kitchen, his mind and heart kept straying to the green-eyed, gun-totting Cali Roland.

But the real jeopardy would be learning how to work with Cali without getting involved on a personal level.

A geyser of dirt spewed up in front of her, and Cali lunged for the ground.

Worriedly, he looked at Cali, whose face was etched by shadows in the grayish light.

Pete sat down next to the powerful tribal leader, Cali waited patiently.

In addition to her normal construction clothing, Cali wore a dark green silk scarf that matched her eyes perfectly.

For five minutes, Cali politely answered his many questions about the piece.