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a. Having no or extremely reduced calves.

Usage examples of "calfless".

His mind was filled with thoughts of the peasants, the women, children, old men, and all the poverty and weariness which he seemed to have seen for the first time, especially the smiling, old-faced infant writhing with his calfless little legs, and he could not help contrasting what was going on in the town.

She was calfless, perhaps past the time of bearing, but her senses were still acute and she was well trained as a sentinel for the herd.

His description shows him "choleric" in humor, with calfless legs indicating sexual desire.

Long, long it was before Stephen could roam even the sleeping-cabin, but once he could really walk, and that on a moving deck, with his stick-like calfless legs, strength returned fast, and a remarkable degree of appetite.