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Caley Bridgeman woke to the smell of canvas and the promise of a warm day.

Mr Caley Bard who evidently had been waiting for Troy, at once reminded her that she was to have a drink with him.

Troy looked at the name Caley Bard had crossed out in favour of her own.

After a time a shadow fell across her hand and there was Caley Bard again.

Because of a certain sting in the tail of many of his observations, she decided upon Scorpio for Caley Bard.

Troy sensed frontal attacks from Miss Rickerby-Carrick and possibly Caley Bard so, having a plan of her own, she slipped away early.

She had heard the Hewsons speak of Apollo, Kansas and of a Hotel Balmoral in the Cromwell Road, and she rather fancied Caley Bard did tutorial cramming work.

Except Caley Bard, perhaps, who might still be taking out his sight-seeing in The Northumberland Arms which glowed with classic geniality behind its red-curtained windows.

Dr Natouche had already appeared in immaculate blue linen and Caley Bard in conservative slacks and cotton shirt.

The Hewsons were, in fact, twins and, by an extraordinarily felicitous chance, had been born under Gemini while Miss Rickerby-Carrick confessed, with mantling cheeks and conscious looks, as Caley Bard afterwards put it, to Virgo.

There on the rim of a hillside rising to the ruins was Caley Bard in silhouette with his butterfly net.

They waved to Caley Bard and descended the hill in single file, like cut-out figures in black paper against a fading green sky.

He had been prevented, not by any tactics that she and Caley Bard employed but rather by the behaviour of Dr Natouche himself who skilfully avoided giving Pollock any chance to exhibit ill-will.

Dr Natouche had offered no opportunity for Mr Pollock to insult him and Mr Pollock had retired, as Caley Bard pointed out to Troy, upon a grumpy alliance with the Hewsons with whom he could be observed in ridiculously furtive conference, presumably about racial relations.

She could not, without making a ridiculous issue of it, refuse either to lunch or dine with Caley Bard in Longminster and indeed she had no particular desire to refuse since she enjoyed his company and took his cock-eyed and purely verbal advances with the liberal pinch of salt that she felt sure he expected.